Butterfly Gardening

Bring Your Garden to Life with Butterflies

Creating a butterfly garden is a rewarding and exciting experience. These beautiful insects will add color, beauty and movement to your garden, as well as delight you with their antics. It is an opportunity for you to get in touch with nature and for nature to touch you back. There are approximately 760 butterfly species in North America, about 170 can be found in Florida, with at least 50-60 species in the Sarasota County area. Butterfly gardening is important to butterfly species as their habitats continue to be reduced through roadside mowing, land development, spraying for insects and the draining and filling of wetlands. Local conservation efforts of protection, restoration, and the management of natural habitats help protect species from disappearing.

Check out our resources below. We update this regularly so check back often.

Blueprint for Five by Five Butterfly Garden in Southwest Florida

Our Favorite Butterfly Plants for Sarasota County

Invasive Butterfly Plants

Monarchs, Oe and Milkweeds

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