Welcome to the NABA Sarasota County Butterfly Club website


  • To study and research the populations of butterflies found in our area.

  • To educate ourselves and the community through shared information, to create butterfly gardens, sanctuaries and habitats, to participate in July 4th butterfly count, and to conduct field trips

  • To have fun


If so, join us and learn about butterflies and butterfly gardening and enjoy meeting with people who have similar interests. The Sarasota County chapter is an active group that meets monthly at The Sarasota Garden Club located at 1131 Blvd. of the Arts and offers a variety of speakers, field trips and sharing of butterfly gardening experiences. The club has an extensive butterfly garden open to the public. Many of our members have been working with schools and other local organizations in the community, helping to plant butterfly gardens and educating the public on butterfly conservation.

Wouldn’t you love to join us?

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