Pipevine Swallowtails

Pipevine SwallowtailWe are ecstatic. We had two female Pipevine swallowtails laying eggs in our yard. They were laying on Aristolochia tomentosa – many of which had volunteered into our lawn. I was feverishly trying to rescue the eggs while the lawnmower was close behind. I have a lot of eggs and baby cats. Now the trick is to keep them all fed. If you are interested in attracting the gorgeous Pipevine swallowtails be aware that the exotic Aristolochia gigantea and the A. brasiliensis are poisonous to the caterpillars. Their cousins, the Polydamus swallowtail, which are more tropical can use those plants for larval food. If you have any extra food plants for these butterflies, get in touch.

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