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NABA Sarasota County Butterfly Club Membership Application

Annual Dues:

Individual $35.00 ($70 outside US, Canada or Mexico) – Payable in US dollars only

Family $45.00 ($90 outside US, Canada or Mexico –
Payable in US dollars only

Name: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City: __________________State: ___ Zip: ______

Phone: _________________ Fax:__________________ 

Email: __________________ Renewal: Yes  No

___ Do Not Share contact information with other club members

Mail to: NABA Sarasota County Butterfly Club

1131 Blvd. of the Arts * Sarasota * FL * 34236

Make checks payable to Sarasota County Butterfly Club


3 Responses to Join Us

  1. Mark nelson says:

    When’s your next meeting? Only in town for a couple of weeks but it would be interesting to check you out.

    • Beverly says:

      Hello Mark,
      Our next meeting is November 29. It will be about Monarchs. We hope you will still be here. Our garden is open to the public if you want to visit it. Our members are often working there on Friday mornings.

  2. Jamal says:

    Awesome info! I have been previously searching for something like this for quite a while now. Appreciation!

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