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Please share butterflies you have seen in your garden or afield.

Monarch for Lunch

This Monarch is not having a good day. Yellow Garden Orbweaver Spider will have quite a lunch.

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Zebra heliconians roosting

Here is a shot of Zebra heliconians roosting

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Pipevine Swallowtails

We are ecstatic. We had two female Pipevine swallowtails laying eggs in our yard. They were laying on Aristolochia tomentosa – many of which had volunteered into our lawn. I was feverishly trying to rescue the eggs while the lawnmower … Continue reading

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What are you seeing in your gardens and afield? I am watching my beautiful Plumbago out my window with dainty Cassius blues laying their eggs  and various swallowtails nectaring. My backyard is covered with Gulf Fritillaries flitting about.

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